Thursday, December 8, 2016


Crazeology (Hõlu, Eesti) pdl 0,33 l. alc 5,0 %vol. Ratebeeri liigimääratlus: "Specialty Grain" ja hinnang pole veel välja kujunenud.

Tootjainfo: "A complex and crazily bready Roggenbier ale with fruity banana flavour.
When Charlie Parker first burst onto the scene in New York City with a new style of jazz he called "Bebop" it was revolutionary, and crazy. As of now, Bebop has been around for over sixty years, so it’s far from new, but anyone who listens to it they can detect its freshness and revolutionary appeal. Studying these ideas led us to Crazeology, a crazy Roggenbier made with hefeweizen yeast and almost 50% rye malt. Like Bebop, Roggenbier is an old style, but it still tastes and feels fresh and new, and it’s something few would be crazy enough to try to create. We recommend you study a glass of Crazeology while listening to the Charlie Parker song of the same name.
Ingredients: water, rye malt, buckwheat, hops, yeast."

Väike lihtne pudel, pruulikoja tunnussilt seekord helekollasel taustal. Sisuliselt olematu vaht. Õlle värvus - häguselt tuhm tumepruun. Aroom on ... hmmm ... huvitav. Hapukalt leivane, kaljane ja marjane, veidike toore banaani koore sisekülje järgi lõhnav. 

Esmamekk on lame ja hapukas. Keskmaitse ... jeeeebus ... haputaar. 

Võehh. Kraanikauss. Ehk on halb pudel, aga see on ikka jube.

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