Monday, August 22, 2022

Steam Brew Imperial IPA

Steam Brew Imperial IPA (Eichbaum, Saksamaa) prk 0,5 l. alc 7,8 %vol. Ratebeeri liigimääratlus: "IIPA DIPA - Imperial / Double IPA" ja hinnang 18 punkti. Untappd ütleb: "IPA - Imperial / Double" ja 3,11 punkti

Tootjainfo (guugeltõlke kaudu): "Triple hopped and brewed with top-fermenting ale yeast and elaborately produced malts, which ensure a reddish color and a powerful aroma, the India Pale Ale "of the youth" impresses above all with the use of the Yellow Sub and Mosaic hop varieties, which are reflected in their complement citrus and floral aromas. 16.8° The youth “The youth”, as they call him on the street, has already experienced a lot. Once he was the master's best student. But when the young apprentice created a beer creation that his teacher found unethical, he left the country in anger and traveled the world. He was able to learn a lot of new things on his adventures and regretted more and more that he no longer maintained contact with his old master, who was like a father to him. When he heard about the resistance, he decided to come back. The youth asked for forgiveness and put himself in the service of the freedom fighters. Because of his extraordinary talent and experience, while still young in years, it wasn't long before he became part of the brave four. His specialty is India Pale Ale, the recipe and preparation of which he learned on his adventures and perfected with the help of the master.
IBU 45"

Keskmist kasvu purk, sildil sümpaatne noor mees. Kollaka varjundiga vaht täidab pool klaasist js püsib superkaua. Õlle värvus - kirkalt kuldpruun merevaik. Aroom - tualettseep. Sihuke ilma aromatiseerimata seep.

Esmamekk on keskmisest raskema kehaga ja mõrkjas. Keskmaitse - õline ja mõrkjas-hapukas. Lõppmaitse - mõrkas-magus, ebamääraselt kõrnemise piirilelähenev jahutoode ... noh nt pitsapõhi. Järelmekk - kanarbikune, ürdine, hapukas-mõrkjas ja mesilasvaha meenutusega.

Raskepoolse kehaga, tugevalt karboniseerunud ja õlija paletiga, mõrkjas-hapukas-mõrkjas-magusakas-hapukas-mõrkja buketiga niru taseme rüübe. IPA'na, saati siis DIPA'na ei veena üldse. Kange leedupärane eil vast.
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