Sunday, October 29, 2023

Hertl - Schwiegervater's Stolz

Schwiegervater's Stolz (Hertl, Saksamaa) pdl 0,5 l. alc 4,9 %vol. Ratebeeri liigimääratlus: "Smoked - Rauchbier" ja hinnang 53 punkti. Untappd liigimääratlus: "Rauchbier" ja hinnang 3,35 punkti.

Tootjainfo: "In German folklore, parents-in-law have an extremely bad reputation: They constantly come to visit unannounced, stay longer than you would like and constantly give unsolicited advice. Mothers-in-law are old, drooling witches and it is impossible to live up to father-in-law's high standards. Fortunately, the situation in Hertl's house is completely different. Fate was kind to me and gave me in-laws who don't fit the stereotype at all. Our relationship is so good that I have now even decided to welcome my father-in-law Alfred into the Hertl family with his own beer. The beery homage to Alfred is called Father-in-Law's Stolz and is a drinkable smoked beer in golden amber. The smoked beer has a long tradition in Franconia and is characterized by its strong taste characterized by full-bodied smoke aromas. My interpretation of this beer specialty is a real culinary delight and does my father-in-law Alfred credit"

Keskmist kasvu pudel, sildil lahedal moel ühendatud suits ja õlu. Tuhmkollane vaht täidab kolmandiku klaasist ja püsib mõõdukalt. Õlle värvus - kirkalt punakas merevaik. Aroom - mõõduka intensiivsusega pöögisuits.

Esmamekk on kergepoolse kehaga ja hapukas. Keskmaitse - magus-hapukas, mõõdukalt suitsune ja veidi vesine. Lõppmaitses tugevneb magus linnaseline pool, lisandub ka mõõdukalt mõrkjust. Järelmekk - suitsune hapukas noot domineerib, ent selle alt ilmub veidi ka ilusat saksa õllepärmi vürtsikat kuma

Kergepoolse kehaga, vähekarboniseerunud ja veidi vesise paletiga, hapukas-magus-hapukas-mõrkjas-hapukas-vürtsika buketiga Hea taseme rüübe. Iseloomukam kui keskmine saksa laager, samas muude suitsuõllede hulgas pigem leebe tegija kui meeldejääja.
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