Wednesday, January 12, 2022

Berry Bliss: Raspberry & Blackberry

Berry Bliss: Raspberry & Blackberry (Amager, Taani) prk 0,44 l. alc 4,5 %vol. Ratebeeri liigimääratlus "Berliner Weisse - Flavored / Catharina Sour" ja hinnang 32 punkti. Untappd ütleb: "Sour - Fruited Berliner Weisse" ja 3,15 punkti.

Tootjainfo: "A fruited sour made with raspberries & blackberries (hindbær og brombær). It isn't really all that strange that most of us totally dig berries. Think about it: For most of us, berries were some of the first foods we ever had. Depending on your age, your mom would probably have been picking, mashing or boiling them little berries to make you a delicious purée when you were just a wee kiddo, OR she would have bought them little smoothie packs that even today - as adults - we are so tempted to buy in the store and slurp on the spot in one quick go. And when we become serious adults, then we go for the berried fruit beers - and this right here is exactly such a thing, a hipster hip fruit bomb.
But how well exactly, do you know your berries? - Here's a couple of facts that you may not know:
-Unlike other berries, raspberries will not continue to ripen after being picked. Yup, it's straight downhill from there, so you might as well pick them right into your mouth.
-Blackberries are actually SO interesting that there's a whole science dedicated to them. Batology it's called. And no, as far as we know bats are in no way involved (other than that fruit bats may also love blackberries)
-Raspberries are red, right? Well, not necessarily. There's actually some types that have weird colors like golden, black, yellow and purple.
-And speaking of color. You know how most unripe berries are green? Well, that doesn't go for Blackberries - when unripe, they are actually red.
IBU 5"

Keskmist kasvu purk, sildil marjahaldjas? Rooa vaht täidab 3/4 klaasist, kuid kaob üsna kiirelt. Õlle värvus - veidi hämuselt tuhmpunane. Aroom meenutab magus-hapukat joogijogurtit marjadega.

Esmamekk on kerge kehaga ja hapu. Keskmaitse on hapukas-magusakas, mustsõstraseemnete mõrkja kõrvaltooniga. Lõppmaitse: mõrkjas-hapukas, meenutades mustsõstramarjade kestade massi peale mahlapressi. Järelmekk - pehmelt laktoosine, jogurtine, üleküpsenud ja veidi käärima läinud vaarikate noodiga.

Kergepoolse kehaga, vähekarboniseerunud ja kuivavaõitu buketiga, hapukas-magusakas-mõrkjas-hapuka buketiga HEA taseme rüübe. Vaarikatega berliiner - turvaline variant, mis nüüd on veidi ka mustsõstraid lisaks saanud.
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