Saturday, September 6, 2014

Magic Stone Dog

Magic Stone Dog (BrewDog / Stone / Magic Rock, Šoti /USA) pdl 0,33 l. alc 5,0 %vol. Liigimääratlus: Belgian ale. Ratebeeri hinnang 68 punkti.

Tootjainfo: "A hoppy menage a trois of epic proportions, Magic Stone Dog is a rustic farmhouse pale ale mash up. Brewed in collaboration with Greg Koch (Stone) and Rich and Stu (Magic Rock) just before our AGM, Magic Stone Dog has the best qualities of a saison and a pale ale, combined. The nose has a citrus punch straight from the US West Coast, boasting zest, pineapple and orange notes, offset against a big spicy clove warmth courtesy of the saison yeast.
This continues into the flavour, where the best of both worlds combine - orange, spice, a touch of lemony tartness - and sit alongside a thirst- quenching dryness and refreshing effervescence. This bright, zesty, subtly tart, Belgian-inspired brew is the perfect beer to enjoy during the Indian summer we all know is definitely coming. Definitely. For sure.
Malts: Extra Pale Amber Wheat Rye Oats
Hops: Amarillo Simcoe
Twist: Mash up style with both saison and pale ale character"

Väike lihtne pudel, sildil hullunud koer :) Erkvalge vaht täidab ligi pool klaasi, olles hõredapoolne ja vähepüsiv. Õlle värvus - kirkalt kollakas-kuldne. Aroom on väga lihtne, kerge ja hapukas, kuid hea vee põhi on rõõmustav.

Esmamekk on kerge ja noort valget veini meenutav, hapukas-mõrkjas. Keskmaitse on linnasepehmem, kergelt sidrunilaadselt hapukas-mõrkjas. Lõppmaitse meenutab juba pigem saisoni kui belgia eili, samas lisandub väääähene magusakas põhi. Järelmekk on kergelt pihlakane ja vürtsikas.

Kerge kehaga, mõõdukalt karboniseeritud paletiga, hapukas-mõrkjas-hapukas-vürtsika buketiga karastavalt värske rüübe, mida oleks paras pakkuda suvise terassijoogina puuviljavaagna kõrvale.
pilt isetehtud


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