Thursday, July 30, 2020

Ancient Dinosaurs

Ancient Dinosaurs (Amager, Taani) pdl 0,33 l. alc 5,0 %vol. Ratebeeri liigimääratlus "ISA - Session IPA" ja hinnang 75 punkti. Untappd ütleb: "IPA - Session / India Session Ale" ja 3,55 punkti.

Tootjainfo: "A Dryhopped Session IPA made with Kveik yeast.
In today’s world, it is a fact that hype beats tradition. People crave the new, the unknown, the fresh, the hip. Often with little to no good reasoning behind it, other than the fact that they wanna be first responders to trends, to have tried something ‘before it was cool’, and to display variety as a sign of quality, like some childish genitalia size competition. Sadly, this is the reality that dictates our market, meaning either we step it up – quantitatively – or we become obsolete. Breweries struggle with the impossibility of releasing new beers left and right – often resorting to tweaking the same recipes just for the sake of a new label. New brands are seen as cool despite often showing mediocrity, while other quality brands fade into extinction. This is why we have so much respect for Half Acre. They revolutionized the beer scene in Chicago in 2006, and to this day dare brew their old darlings in massive volumes while remaining relevant in an impossibly rapidly changing craft niche. To some, they may seem outdated, old school, or even ancient. To us, they are goddamned heroes. Don’t believe the hype. Old can still be gold. And respect your f%&@ing elders. They may teach you a thing or ten.
This is a beer we have proudly collaborated on with Half Acre Beer Company from Chicago, Il, USA.
IBU 23"

Väike lihtne pudel, sildil pummeldavad dinod. Sõrmepaksune erkvalge vahukiht kaob küll kiirelt, kuid haakub veidi klaasiseintele. Õlle värvus - kirkalt helekollane. Aroom on meeldivalt magusapoolselt mahlane, meenutades ananassi-virsiku konservi.

Esmamekk on kerge kehaga ja mõrkjas-hapukas. Keskmaitse liigub veidi magusamasse kanti, meenutades veelgi enam virsikukonservi vedelikku. Lõppmaitse muutub isegi vesisepoolseks, kuid see on ikkagi selline mahlane ja meeldiv kerge magus-hapukas. Järelmekk kõnetab taas pisut mõrkjama ja nüüd ka pisut kuivema tunnetusega.

Kerge kehaga, vähekarboniseerunud ja kuivapoolse paletiga, mõrkjas-hapukas-magusakas-hapukas-mõrkja buketiga VÄGA HEA taseme rüübe. IPA'ga, isegi session IPA'ga ei oskaks seda suutäit küll siduda, kuid väga meeldivalt mahlane ja puuviljane jook on sellise olekuga, et teda võiks kasvõi õhtu otsa timmida.
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