Thursday, July 30, 2020

Peg Puff

Peg Puff (Amager, Taani) pdl 0,33 l. alc 5,0 %vol. Ratebeeri liigimääratlus "Pale Lager - North Am. / Light" ja hinnang 41 punkti. Untappd ütleb: "Lager - Pale" ja 3,19 punkti.

Tootjainfo: "To most of us from the beer scene, working our fingers to the bone is commonplace, to the point where everything else that isn’t work-related not only isn’t a priority, it also needs to be kept at low maintenance levels. To top that off, exhaustion has turned a lot of us into grumpy old hags, regardless of age. So despite the myth of brewers being party animals (let’s face it, most that get to pull that off aren’t doing that much lifting), your standard floor worker will often be found wearing flip flops, sweatpants, hair in a bun, non-groomed beard, complaining about achy body parts, having ‘supper’ at 5PM so as to not interfere with bed time, and making up all sorts of excuses to avoid social situations that would compete with the stamina required for the next grain-out. We are the ‘chill and Netflix’ folk, the ‘if it entails pants or a bra it ain’t happening’ kinda people, the ‘I’m too old for this shit’ type, the ‘I’m sorry, but I made plans with my dog’ gang. Therefore this very beer was created for us ‘Peg Puffs’, because when all is said and done, we want it simple, we want it easy and we don’t wanna overthink it. We just want something we can mindlessly chug while becoming one with the couch. And what better than a no bullshit Lager to do just that? Look up the meaning of ‘Peg Puff’ and if, regardless of your gender, you identify in some way, this beverage might be for you, too. Well, we know it is!
This is a collaboration with the awesome Transient Artisan Ales from Bridgman, MI, USA."

Väike lihtne pudel, sildil noor edev daam. Hõre erkvalge vahukiht täidab ligi pool klaasist ja püsib mõõdukalt. Õlle värvus - kirkalt kollane. Aroom - õhkõrnalt magusakas-hapukas. 

Esmamekk on keskmisest kergema kehaga ja tugevalt mõrkjas. Keskmaitse on linnaseline ja veidi tolmune. Lõppmaitse muutub hapukamaks, mis võimendab taustal jätkuva otsekohese mõruda veidi lausa ülevõlliseks. Järelmekk leebub, pehmendades linnasemagusaga eelnevat karmust ligi poole võrra.

Keskmisest kergema kehaga, mõõdukalt karboniseerunud paletiga, mõrkjas-magusakas-mõrkjas-hapukas mõrkja buketiga HEA taseme rüübe. Lihtne, aga veidi ülevõlliselt humalane hele laager. Üllatavalt lihtne sooritus Amageri kohta (eriti võttes arvesse nende tavapärast hinnataset)
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